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Phil Dixon

Phil Dixon,MSc.

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Learning & Development – 30+ years of experience in teaching leaders and managers ‘soft skills’ ranging from visioning and strategic planning to one-on-one coaching and conflict resolution.


Neuroscience – 10+ years of experience in the application of neuroscience to all aspects of Learning & Development. Developed a new taxonomy of the domains of social threat response.


Executive Coach – 30+ years of experience in executive coaching, team coaching and team-building with a wide variety of senior leaders and executive teams, primarily in Silicon Valley with firms like Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo! And Stanford Graduate School of Business.



Oxford Brain Institute (June 2017 – present)

  • Founder and CEO


Brain-based training and consulting company. This consortium of seasoned consultants is leveraging the current knowledge of the field of neuroscience and applying it to all aspects of management and leadership consulting. Developing new approaches and new models for the application of neuroscience to a variety of different aspects of organization development, diversity & inclusion, and leadership development


Academy of Brain-based Leadership. (July 2012 – June 2017)

  • Co-Founder and CEO


A research and training organization focused on applying the latest Brain Science into the areas of Learning & Development in corporations, developing a variety of programs to assist leaders and coaches to apply brain-based principles to the issues of management and leadership.

Accelerate Learning & Development, (July 2005 – July 2012)

  • CEO


An L & D training business in Silicon Valley. In addition to training in the field of leadership development, the company was an early pioneer in the use of technology in the field of learning and development leveraging Virtual Reality and early iPhone apps.


Center for integrity-based Leadership, (March 2002 – July 2005)

  • CEO


The purpose of this Center was to offer products, programs and consulting services in the development and support of integrity-based leadership.

  • Colliers International, CEO, (January 1999 - March 2002)

  • Practical Solutions and Ideas, Founder and CEO, (July 1996 – December 1998)

  • Co-Development International, Co-Founder, and CEO, (July 1992 – July 1996)

  • Phil Dixon Consulting, Co-Founder and CEO, (July 1989 – July 1992)

  • Apple, Leadership Development, (July 1986 – July 1989)

  • Apple, Director IT, (January 1980 – July 1986)



  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Eco forestry Institute, Oregon (1989-1992)

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Oakland Children’s Hospital Foundation, California (1999-2002)

  • Member of Board of Directors of Rising International, (2009 – 2017)

  • Adjunct Faculty of West Valley College, Society & Business Ethics (1998 - 2002)

  • Guest speaker at Vance-Granville Community College (2018)



  • The University of Warwick, BSc (Joint Honors (2:1) in Molecular Science and Computer Science (1971)

  • University of Oxford (Said Business School)/HEC MSc (2:1) in Coaching & Counselling to Change (2010)



  • Book: Understand Your Brain: for a Change (With Scott Fitzgerald)

  • Book: A Field Guide to Using Your Brain at work (In progress with Scott Fitzgerald)

  • Book: A Field Guide to Using Your Brain at home (In progress with Scott Fitzgerald)

  • Book: A Field Guide to Using Your Brain to coach (In progress with Scott Fitzgerald and Carla Street)

  • Book Chapter: Optimizing Talent, Performance Management – brain-based approach, 2015. Editor: Linda Sharkey

  • Paper: Turn the 360 Around, NeuroLeadership Journal, (2010), with David Rock and Kevin Ochsner

  • Paper: Hydrogen Bond Strength and Charge Distribution in the BiFlouride Ion, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol 57, 10 (1972) together with Profs. Tom Waddington and Don Jenkins



  • Understand Your Brain: for a Change

  • Neuroscience of Bias, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • The Impact of Your Brain on Change

Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald - Dallas/Ft. Worth

Scott logo.png

Executive Coach, Performance Coach, Facilitator And Author

Scott Fitzgerald is an internationally recognized Executive Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker and Author who helps his clients sort through the complex and challenging demands of leadership through the use of science-based methodologies which maximize positive change.


Scott Fitzgerald’s business career has taken him to over one hundred countries around the world; particularly throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, and North America.  He has an extensive background internationally and domestically in sales and marketing is highly complex Commercial and Military sales environments managing and leading diverse sales teams on high-end multi-million-dollar transactions.


During his thirty-year career, Scott has served in various senior executive leadership positions within Aerospace and Defense industry with General Electric, Bell Helicopter Textron, Erickson Incorporated, CHC Helicopter of Canada and Stevens Aviation. 


Having earned his MBA from Texas Christian University, as well as his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Furman University, Scott served in the United States Military as a commissioned officer and was awarded the Bronze Star and Two Air Medals for combat operations in Operation Desert Storm. He also holds Commercial ratings for both Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft.


He is a graduate of the Textron Executive Leadership Program at Ohio State University as well as the Textron Marketing Communication Program for executive studies.  He has served as a coach and facilitator for Customer-Centric Selling (CCS) as well as attended Textron sales and management training including Miller Heiman Strategic Selling. Scott is also an affiliate of Executive Coaching Connections based out of Chicago, Illinois. Scott is the co-author of the book Understanding Your Brain: For a Change published by Oxford Brain Institute Press.


Through the use of science-based principles associated with the human brain.  Scott uses a no-nonsense communication style and good humor as well as a series of carefully crafted questions and strategies which raise the awareness of choice and possibilities for his clients.

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